Your Internet Retirement Business – 7 Reasons Why You Should Not Start One Until You Read This

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Before you start an internet business you might be interested in knowing 7 Reasons Why People are not successful making money on the internet. The seven reasons are as follows:

They don’t have a plan. 

A plan is the foundation on which you build your business. Without it your chances of building a successful retirement internet business go down significantly.

 It isn’t necessary to develop a ten page business plan. Start out by putting together a list of business objectives you want to accomplish over the next six weeks and build on those objectives to develop a long range plan for your internet business. 

Try to implement and run the business on the cheap or free.

 Because a lot of information on the internet is free many people think that they can start and run an internet retirement business for next to nothing. While starting and operating an online business is cheaper than starting a mall business you must spend money on internet marketing, training, and ongoing business operations. 

They treat it as a hobby not a business. 

If you are going to build an internet retirement business treat it as a business and give it the attention required to become successful. Don’t treat it like a hobby. As an example, if you were going to work for someone else you would put in the required time and effort so why would you build your online business like a hobby. 

They don’t understand or want to accept that an internet business is a marketing business. 

The success of your internet retirement business will live or die based on internet marketing. Think about it, how will your customers know about your products, who you are, or where you are, unless you tell them through marketing on the internet. Most of us never developed marketing skills but they can be learned by investing in yourself and your business. 

They don’t understand or pay attention to four of the most important things that make an internet business successful. 

       —  A plan – It is a must to give you a clear understanding of why you are building you business and your goals on how you are going to make it successful. 

      — How to market on the internet — This skill is critical to your internet business success. This is more important than your technical skills. Invest in      developing your skills in this area. 

      —  An email list — An important part of marketing on the internet is marketing through email lists of prospects, buyers, clients, etc. These lists are critical to your continued sales of your products or services. Invest in the tools to build and manage your lists. 

      —  Traffic — You can have the best products, services, and web site in the world but it’s all meaningless if you do not have internet traffic coming to it. Traffic generation is a critical skill that must be learned to make your business successful. Invest in it. 

They listen to the wrong people.

 They listen to friends, relatives. and  “quick buck artists” who never built and operated an online business. Don’t listen to anyone who hasn’t experienced the success and failures of starting and running an internet business. Find people who have been there and done that and are willing to help you not tell you all the reasons why it won’t or can’t be done. 

They spend all their money on the wrong things and give up.

 As I mentioned there is a lot of information on building and running an   online business on the internet and a lot of it is free. The problem is that you don’t know what’s good and what’s garbage. Most people give up building their business because they don’t know what they need or when they need it. They will spend their money on things that are difficult to use or understand and they become frustrated and quit. 

They spend money on advertising and go broke because they don’t understand how it works 

Here is where the confusion between sales and marketing can cost you a lot of money. Sales always occur after you have the person in your system. Marketing is the process that occurs from the point of potential prospect to “customer for life”. Customer for life means you continue to sell multiple times to the same customer for as long as you market to them. 

None of the seven things above are show stoppers if you really want to build a successful retirement internet business. It just means that you will have to invest more time and/or money in the areas where you need to become more proficient.

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