Why women could be our greatest economic leverage: “The 21st century is not about India vs. China. It’s about women!” Banker turned entrepreneur, Nirmala Sankaran of Chennai based Heymath!, a

Physical dependence and addiction is a serious health threat to any person who abuses drugs, but these threats are often more serious for young women than they are for other

Choosing a hairdressing college is an important step in your hairdressing career. You need to make sure that you choose a college that will provide you the proper training for

The term kinesiology popularly refers to the functions of both human and nonhuman, performance and movement of the body. This is applied through the physiology, neuroscience, anatomy, biomechanics and psychology.

The real passion of the twentieth century is servitude. – Albert Camus ‘Nobody is having service attitude here; everybody is working only for salary. But, everybody wants promotions and incentives.