Wow!  Samsung Robot Vacuum Cleaner will find and clean the dirt of the house, will be controlled by the phone

Wow! Samsung Robot Vacuum Cleaner will find and clean the dirt of the house, will be controlled by the phone

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Technology giant Samsung is known for its smartphones, refrigerators, ACs, washing machines, smart TVs and other electrical home appliances. Samsung has now launched 3 robust robotic vacuum cleaners from the Jetbot 80 Series for customers, which include Samsung JetBot 80, Samsung JetBot 80+ and Samsung JetBot 95 AI+. Users can control these robotic vacuum cleaners from Samsung from their smartphones, using which the house cleaning can be done very easily.

What are its features? Talking about the features of Samsung’s Jetbot 80+ and Samsung Jetbot 95 AI+, the company has used special features like artificial intelligence and vacuum cleaner suction station in it. Samsung has given a retractable LiDAR sensor in these vacuum cleaners, with the help of which the vacuum cleaner knows which corner of the house is more dirty, where cleaning is needed more.

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A special feature has been given in the vacuum cleaner of Samsung’s Jetbot 95 AI + model. The Jetbot 95 AI+ vacuum cleaner stops at the sight of the people in front of you while cleaning and automatically changes its course. These vacuum cleaners can be controlled using the Samsung SmartThings app, through which daily cleaning tasks can also be set.

Know how much is the price
At present, the company has launched these vacuum cleaners of Jetbot 80 series in Europe, which will soon be launched in India and other countries. In the European market, the price of Samsung’s base model Jetbot 80 has been fixed at around Rs 44,249 in Indian rupees.

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At the same time, the price of Jetbot 80+ has been fixed at around Rs 61,984 and the price of Jetbot 95 AI+ is around Rs 1.33 lakh. These vacuum cleaners can also be launched in the Indian market at the same price.


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