A hidden browser game in Microsoft Edge is Surf!  Have you ever played, know what is special in it

A hidden browser game in Microsoft Edge is Surf! Have you ever played, know what is special in it

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New Delhi. We all Google Getting to know the dinosaur-jump game on Chrome that appears when there’s no internet is a great way to spend some time as we wait for the connection to be restored and back on the internet. However, most of us do not know that Microsoft Edge But there is also a hidden game which is designed to pass the time. The name of this game is surf. The browser game challenges players to surf as far as possible without hitting obstacles or falling prey to sea monsters. The game has now received several updates with the latest early-access builds for Edge.

The game has received many updates

According to William Deveraux, Edge’s senior program manager, Surf now has a new set of constraints, a streamlined selection menu, a way to share scores with friends, plus a number of bug fixes that improve performance. The latest version of the game is currently only available to members of the Early Access program through the Windows Canary Channel. Surf can be played by all Microsoft Edge users by typing “edge://surf” into the address bar. With this update, Microsoft has taken the concept of hidden browser games with Surf to another level.

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The game is in three modes

The game features tons of playable characters, fascinating pixel art visuals, and a power-up system. The game also has three game modes – Endless, Time Travel and Zig-Zag. The best part is that the game can be played with keyboard, mouse, touch and touch. xbox or Play Station Can also be played through. If it is connected via computer. The game is good and those who play it say that it is fun too. Its graphics are also good and the challenges ahead are also quite fun.


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