That's why Microsoft Store for Windows 11 is the best!  Will get many facilities

That’s why Microsoft Store for Windows 11 is the best! Will get many facilities

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Microsoft has recently announced the latest version of Windows, Windows 11. With the latest version of Windows, the company has made some significant improvements to the App Store for Windows, which were long awaited. Microsoft has also included changes to its UI, speed improvements in the App Store and many new apps. Other apps like Zoom, Canva, WinRar that were missing from the main store are now visible on the Windows App Store, making it more useful than ever. The Windows App Store also includes Microsoft Edge extensions. All these features are included during the beta version of Windows 11.

Microsoft at first limited developers to its Universal Windows apps, then allowed some desktop apps to update them using its Store. Now, with the new App Store, anyone can be a part of the App Store. The new Microsoft Store is primarily a frontend for the Windows package manager that was launched last year.

Windows Package Manager has been growing steadily over the past year, and now includes apps like Discord, Google Chrome, Firefox. Mozilla has previously indicated that Firefox will soon be available on the Windows Store. This makes it seem like there are more apps yet to come to the new App Store.

Windows Chief Panos Panay said in a report that the company is also ready to have Steam or Epic Games Store in the Microsoft Store.

The Microsoft Store allows developers to keep 100% of the revenue from apps if they use an alternative payment platform. However this does not apply to sports. Microsoft earlier this year reduced its deduction for games from 30 percent to 12 percent with effect from August 1.

Talking about the shortcomings of Microsoft Store, some shortcomings are still visible in the store. For example, many junk apps, many fake apps, guides and other rubbish are still showing up in search results.


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