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Bitcoin and Dogecoin slipped again in the crypto market, Ether showed strength

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The cryptocurrency market is called the market of volatility. But these days this volatility is more visible. Different opinions are emerging about the use of cryptocurrencies in different countries. Due to this, the prices of digital currency are constantly fluctuating these days. Bitcoin and Dogecoin prices were slightly lower today, while Ether, Cardano and other cryptocurrencies were trading with gains.

coindesk According to bitcoin, after rising above the $35,000 level in the last 24 hours, bitcoin fell 0.5% to $34,472 (approximately Rs 25.61 lakh). Ether was trading 2% higher, trading above $2,300. While digital coins like Cardano, XRP have also registered a growth of over 1% in the last 24 hours. At the same time, Dogecoin fell more than 1% to $ 0.24 (about Rs 18). dodgecoin price in india On July 5 at 5 pm (IST) was Rs 18.4.

Bitcoin is not showing good signs for its investors. Evidence of this was also seen only last week when Ethereum surpassed Bitcoin’s daily active addresses. Ether’s daily active addresses exceed the number of bitcoins. This has happened for the first time in the history of ether. While Ether took this record to a whole new level, doubts began to rise over the crown of Bitcoin’s top cryptocurrency. These figures are indicating that bitcoin is losing its position as the top cryptocurrency. Also, with respect to Ether, there are indications that the world’s second largest cryptocurrency is now on track to become the world’s most preferred cryptocurrency. bitcoin price in india 25.42 Lakh 5th July at 5 PM (IST).

The world’s largest cryptocurrency is up almost 19% this year, despite the recent cryptocurrency drop. coinmarketcap According to Ether the market cap is almost three times behind that of Bitcoin. While bitcoin has a market cap of $600 million, ether has a market cap of around $200 million, which is three times less than bitcoin. Nevertheless, the jump in the number of daily active addresses for Ether indicates that investors interested in the cryptocurrency are moving in favor of Ethereum over Bitcoin.

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