Sending An Electronic Resume For Flight Attendant Jobs

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When you see advertisements for flight attendant jobs and you know that you do meet the minimum requirements, you should give some thought to applying for one of these jobs. Since most airlines advertise for the flight attendants they need online, you can also submit your resume electronically. The best thing to do is to submit both an electronic and a hard copy just to make sure that the airline does receive it because strange things do seem to happen to documents transmitted online. However, make sure that the ad does not specify that the airline will not accept hard copies.

The online questionnaires that airlines have do not take the place of sending a resume or an interview. They are just surveys that airline has of determining whether or not you would be a good fit for the company and whether you would be able to work well with its other flight attendants. It is something like a pre-screening in which you do receive a score for the answers you give, although you will never know what that score is.

There are guidelines you should take note of when submitting a resume online through email. While it may look perfectly formatted to you on your screen, the recipient may see something completely different and this will ruin your chances of even getting an interview. One way you can solve this problem is to email the resume to yourself and then see what you think of it.

You should not try to send your resume as an attachment to the email unless the airline specifies that you do so. When it does want it sent in this manner, the ad will usually tell you to send it as a text document, in which all the formatting will be lost. The process of sending a resume in this format is as follows:

* Compose your resume as a Word Document

* If you use Microsoft Word, use Page Setup. The margins on the left and right should be set to one inch.

* Choose Select All from the Edit menu

* Change the font to Courier Size 12

* Then save the document as Text Only

* Launch Notepad from the menu of the hard rive

* Open your resume in its text format

* View it to see what it will look like when the airline receives it.

If you have bullets in your resume, they may show up as question marks. It is best to use dashes before the points instead of bullets. If there are line breaks before the end of a sentence, you now have a chance to make corrections.

When you are satisfied that your resume looks fine, open your mail to send an email message. Insert the address to which you should direct the resume and use the title of the job application as the subject. Compose a cover letter in the email and then copy and paste the resume into the body of the message. When you click send, you have just applied for the job.

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