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“Time is gold”. This popular saying is applicable to all situations in our lives. It is of vital importance to spend time wisely and productively. Particularly, in business, if ample time is wasted a significant amount of profits is wasted at the same time. If the company you belong to often has business trips, it is best to engage in private jet rental to avoid wasting time which is usually experienced during flights with commercial airlines. Yes, it may be as expensive as think of it to be. Considering its luxury, it’s the cost that mostly holds back passenger to book a private jet. Hence, the benefits you can really make everything worth the high expenses.

The Private Jet Charter Rates depend on different factors. These include the flight miles, passengers, and other extra amenities you request. Some of the rental costs start at $1,200 per hour. However, there are companies that offer lower rates than that or others’ are higher. It is well for passengers to make thorough research on the rental prices of many different airline companies and make some comparison to find out which one has the best pricing. Another factor to take into consideration as far as rental cost is concerned is the type of the aircraft you choose. It contributes much to the total expense you need to pay. Majority of private jet travel uses Boeing, Lear, Hawker, Westwind, Gulfstream, Legacy and Citation.

The aircraft types mentioned above are huge ones that can carry up to 170 passengers. The destinations of commercial flight and private flight are varied. Big cities like New York, Denver, San Francisco, Chicago and others are some of the destinations of the private plane. However, it is possible for your rented jet to land onto a smaller airport that is of greater or better proximity to your target destination. In the event that it arrives at such smaller airports, you will need to travel by land anymore which can cost you additional fees or charges. The time schedule of your flight does not depend on them or anybody else but you. They are available 24/7 for any rentals. Important meetings can be conducted inside the jet with privacy. With the reasons you have to book a private jet flight, there is no need for you to be hesitant whether you opt for this type of flight or not considering that you are the one who benefits a lot from this including your company.

There are types of flight wherein you can save money like an empty leg, backhaul or deadhead. These are the ways to use on how you can avail of their services at discounted rates. The rental cost is basically based on the actual flight time of the jet from airport to airport. You can still get better saving opportunities booking a private plane air travel. It’s absolutely a good investment indulging in private planes for vacation or business trips. Once you have tried it, you will never want to fly commercial once more.

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