Network Marketing and Social Anxiety

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Hello Everyone I hope you are doing well.

Lets talk about anxiety.

The reason most people experience anxiety is that they have a fear of failure. For example, if you have anxiety before you take a test then you fear failing the test. This shows up in your career when you fear failure at any particular task you have to perform. You are afraid of being negatively evaluated for your performance.

This all flows back to several posts we have talked about before. If you have a low opinion of yourself then you are going to be afraid of what others think of you. Anxiety is the way your low opinion of yourself shows itself. When you have a task to perform you become anxious about what the person you are interacting with will think of you.

You are not going to be successful in any area if you continue to take someone saying no as a personal rejection of you.

For example, when you make a cold call to a prospect you are not fearing them not buying your product, you take them not buying as a personal rejection of you. This is social anxiety. What you are doing is that you are internalizing that as a personal rejection. You are not afraid of someone not buying something from you. You are telling yourself that the rejection is personal and not business. This is an emotional response to the low self esteem that you already have.

The anxiety is a symptom of your low self esteem. This is crucial to understand because when you identify the problem then you can work to correct it. You need to work on your low self esteem and then that will cure your anxiety. You will never get rid of your anxiety until to deal with your low self esteem.

A good way to start working on your self esteem is to recognize even the smallest of successes that you have everyday. Positive affirmations to yourself will work in your subconscious to change your opinion of yourself. Praise yourself for all the good things you do all day long.

This takes time and it is not an overnight fix but you will be able to correct your thinking if you continue to be conscious of your self talk and why you are feeling the way you do. Be curious about your feelings and ask yourself questions to determine why you have those feelings. This is best done as soon as you are aware of the feelings.

There are many techniques you can utilize to improve your self esteem. The important thing is to commit yourself to getting started and go from there.

I hop that was helpful.

Thank you for tuning in.

To Your Success,

Dean R Black

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