Florida Adjuster License – Be Careful of Tall Stories From Texas

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The University of Central Florida and Florida Insurance University receive daily calls from students interested in obtaining the Florida All Lines adjuster license. Often the prospective student has been making a careful examination of the different schools and providers who offer adjuster designations in Florida. One tall tale that has been making the rounds is that if a Florida resident first obtains the Texas non-resident license, the student can then use that Texas license to obtain the Florida license through reciprocity. Nothing could be further from the truth!

If you are a Florida resident, you must qualify for the Florida All Lines license by taking an approved designation course for the Florida license, or take the state exam.

Several years ago, we received a frantic call from one insurance company which had about 60 adjusters who had taken the Texas course. Each adjuster had spent approximately $600 for the Texas training, only to find out that nobody qualified for the Florida license, because they were Florida residents.

When they found out that if they taken the Florida Accredited Claims Adjuster Designation first, they would have qualified for the Texas license through reciprocity and that they would not have been required to take the Texas course or spend the extra money, believe me…there were some big, angry adjuster dudes!

The way the system works is:

1. If you are a Florida resident, you may take the Accredited Claims Adjuster Designation and be exempted from the state exam for the 5-20 Independent or 6-20 Company license, or take the state licensing test;

2. If you are a non-resident and your state requires adjuster licensing, you must have your home state’s license before Florida will allow you to obtain the non-resident license;

3. If you are a non-resident and your state does not require adjuster licensing, you are eligible for the Florida non-resident license by taking the ACA Designation course.

If any school or organization tells you that a Florida resident can obtain the license without meeting Florida’s requirements first, exercise caution, and check those representations with the Department of Financial Services in Tallahasse by going to www.fldfs.com.

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