Mobile number must be verified to play Battlegrounds Mobile India!

Mobile number must be verified to play Battlegrounds Mobile India!

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Battlegrounds Mobile India has updated its support page to inform players about the game’s OTP authentication. The page shows that players need to enter an OTP to log in to the game. Apart from this, it has also been learned that this OTP system will be the only way to log in to Battleground Mobile India. Earlier, there was an option to log in to PUBG Mobile through Facebook, Google Play or guest account. Battlegrounds Mobile India is the Indian version of PUBG Mobile and its release date information is still kept behind the scenes.

South Korean developer Crafton launches Battlegrounds Mobile India support page According to which “OTP” authentication will be required to log-in to the game. Many information has been given in this, such as how many times players can ask for OTP, how long will the validity of OTP etc. This suggests that in order to play the game, players will have to register their phone number and will be able to play the game only after verifying the OTP, which simply means that mobile number verification will be required to play the game.

The Battlegrounds Mobile India website states that a user can enter the ‘Verify Code’ three times, after which it will no longer work. A verification code will be valid for five minutes and the player can request OTP only 10 times, after which he will be banned from requesting it for 24 hours. One phone number can be registered up to 10 accounts.

PUBG Mobile was banned in the country in September last year. Whereas Battlegrounds Mobile India will offer a largely similar battle royale experience. However, there will be some minor changes in the game for the Indian players. In PUBG Mobile, players got the option to log in with Facebook and Twitter as well as Google Play and guest accounts.

This raises some concerns for data migration from PUBG Mobile to Battlegrounds Mobile India. While Crafton has not yet officially confirmed whether PUBG Mobile players in India will be able to transfer their data to Battlegrounds Mobile India, Godnixon, the creator of PUBG Mobile-related content, posted on his YouTube channel. Channel But putting a video said that there is a high chance that the players will be able to do this. But now, while the login method seems to be different, it is not clear whether the data migration will still take place. It may also happen that apart from the option of logging in via OTP, the options included in the game in PUBG Mobile may also be retained.

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