Made in India CoWin will be Global!  More than 50 countries showed interest in taking technology

Made in India CoWin will be Global! More than 50 countries showed interest in taking technology

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New Delhi. The country’s vaccine delivery tech platform Co-WIN is now going global. More than 50 countries have shown interest in adopting this technology for their vaccination programmes. The government will make an open source version of it so that other countries can use it without cost. RS Sharma, head of Co-Win, said in a tweet, “More than 50 countries from Central Asia, Latin America and Africa are interested in this technology.

An open source version will be made so that any country can use it for free. The Kovid-19 Vaccine Intelligence Network or Co-Vin was built on the lines of the Electronic Vaccine Intelligence Network (eVIN). eVIN was developed jointly by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Ministry of Health. Its functions include digitization of vaccine stocks and real-time monitoring of cold chains through an app.

started in march
From March this year, CoWIN was used to implement the corona vaccine in a phased manner. Initially, there were problems with this platform due to lack of vaccine and technical glitches. After the introduction of vaccine for all in the country since last month, the pace of vaccination has accelerated. Sharma added that CoWIN can also help build other platforms in the healthcare sector.

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Kovin users will be able to connect with passport
With international travelers facing difficulties only on Sunday, the Union Health Ministry’s CoWin portal has started enabling users to link their COVID-19 vaccination certificates with passports. The Aarogya Setu app also shared the process of updating or correcting passport details in certificates on Twitter. “Now, you can update your passport number in your vaccination certificate,” the government said. In addition to sharing the above details, guidelines on updating or correcting passport details in coronavirus vaccination certificates were shared online.


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