After Dharmendra Chatur's resignation, California's Jeremy Kessel becomes Twitter's new complaints officer

After Dharmendra Chatur’s resignation, California’s Jeremy Kessel becomes Twitter’s new complaints officer

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New Delhi. A day after Dharmendra Chatur resigned amid ongoing conflict with the central government, Twitter has now appointed California-based Jeremy Kessel, Director of Global Legal Policy, as the new Grievance Officer in India. was appointed. A few weeks ago, Twitter had appointed Dharmendra Chatur as interim Grievance Officer, but he resigned on Sunday. Jeremy Kessel is currently Twitter’s Director of Global Legal Policy. On Sunday, Twitter India abruptly removed the name of Dharmendra Chatur from its website. Whereas it is necessary to do so under India’s new Information Technology Rules, 2021. As per the new IT Act, it is mandatory for IT companies in India to appoint Grievance Officers.

Controversy has been going on for some time now
Twitter India has made this appointment at a time when a dispute has arisen between Twitter and the Government of India over new IT rules. The central government has also reprimanded the giant American social media company for not following the new rules. The micro-blogging platform is at loggerheads with the Indian government over the new social media rules.

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External appointment not accepted
Twitter had told the Delhi High Court on May 31 that it was hiring Dharmendra Chatur, a partner in a law firm representing Twitter, as an interim complaints officer for the role. But the Center said that it cannot accept the appointment of outsiders to statutory posts. In the midst of this controversy, Chatur resigned on Sunday.

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New IT rules come into force from May 25
According to the new IT rule that came into effect from May 25, it is mandatory for all social media companies with more than 50 lakh users to appoint a grievance officer for redressal of complaints. Along with this, the name and address of the officer will also have to be shared. According to the rules, social media has to appoint a Chief Compliance Officer, Nodal Officer and Resident Grievance Officer. All of them should stay in India.


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