ISRO to offer 3 online certification courses which include machine learning

ISRO to offer 3 online certification courses which include machine learning

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The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) is offering free three online certificate courses on Machine Learning, Web GIS Technology and Earth Observation for Carbon Cycle Studies. This is a golden opportunity for the students, as these courses will be taught by eminent scientists working in the Space Research Organization of India. All these three online courses conducted by the Indian Institute of Remote Sensing (IIRS), Dehradun are completely free.

IIRS, Dehradun Website As per the guidelines, each course in the online learning course is divided into different durations, which will last from 4 to 12 days. Anyone can do all three courses. For this, any person from the present college to the employed person can apply. However, for this, that person will have to take permission from his university or institute. Certificate will also be given by IIRS (ISRO) after completing the course.

The guideline states that the course is specially designed for the professionals working in remote sensing data processing in various applications. The machine learning course will be conducted from July 5 to July 9. The next course will be ‘Earth Observations for Carbon Cycle Studies’, designed for researchers, professionals and students involved in Earth Observation, Carbon Modelling, Carbon Assessment. This course will be of 5 days and will run from 21st June to 25th June

Apart from this, there will be a course in ‘Web GIS Technology’, which will be of 12 days. The course will be open to all and you can register for it on IIRS website. This online course will start from 21st June and will run till 2nd July.

Lecture slides, recordings of online classes, demos etc. Course Material Full Videos Official Youtube channel Will be uploaded on IIRS Dehradun to participate e-class portal have to go.

According to the information given on the website, the student will have to attend 70 percent of the sessions through the e-class portal to get the course completion certificate. In addition, students attending classes through IIR’s YouTube channel will have to register their attendance through offline sessions provided 24 hours after the class ends. Registration And all the information related to the course here is available.


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