Good news for Android users!  WhatsApp is making these special changes in chat, know details

Good news for Android users! WhatsApp is making these special changes in chat, know details

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New Delhi. There is good news for Android users using Facebook-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp. It has been learned that WhatsApp is going to make some changes in the design of its chats for Android users. WABetaInfo, which monitors new updates on WhatsApp, has given this information. They claim that WhatsApp is changing the design of its chats, which are under testing on the beta version of Android.

Finally, how WhatsApp chats are going to see this change, they say that WhatsApp is removing the line separator between chat cells in its chat list. It’s the first page that appears on users’ apps that shows their latest chats with their contacts and groups.

Will be rolled out soon for end users as well
The WABetaInfo report also states that it will not completely change the design of the WhatsApp app, with the website calling it a minor UI change for the popular messaging platform as the only change is the removal of separator lines on the messaging app. WhatsApp is rolling out this change to more beta users and it will be available to other users who are using WhatsApp on Android.

According to a report by WABetaInfo, the feature has already been enabled in the Android beta and is expected to be rolled out to end users soon.

Use meat call to login
Recently there was news that WhatsApp is going to change its login OTP system soon. In the new change, it will be more secure, whereas the existing login OTP message of WhatsApp will be a thing of the past or will be optional. According to the latest report by WABetaInfo, according to which WhatsApp is testing a feature called Flash Call, which aims to replace the existing authentication of users’ WhatsApp login, which uses One Time Password (OTP). In a flash call, the user will be required to give WhatsApp access from his phone dialer and also to the call list. Although this feature will be optional, but in view of this, WhatsApp Login Flash Call can be considered a more secure option. But as it was said that only a few users will be able to use it and those users are from Android. iOS users will not be able to use this more secure login feature at the moment.


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