Big relief to PhonePe users!  Wallet will be able to auto top-up, know how

Big relief to PhonePe users! Wallet will be able to auto top-up, know how

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New Delhi. There is good news for India’s popular digital payment platform PhonePe users. PhonePe has launched a new ‘Wallet Auto Top-up’ feature using UPI e-mandates. Under this facility, PhonePe users can now avail auto top-up facility by allowing them to set UPI e-mandate. This means that PhonePe customers can now make multiple payments using their wallet without having to manually top up.

So started this feature
The auto top-up option is aimed at saving the time of PhonePe Wallet users, which have a transaction success rate (99.99 percent). Once the UPI e-mandate is set up, users are not required to enter a PIN or wait for an OTP every time they load their wallet or make a payment.

Leapfrog will help with payments
As PhonePe notes, e-mandate is a big step forward for UPI and will help take payments to the next level by opening up a large number of use cases across businesses. The UPI e-mandate is crucial for the digital payments ecosystem, as it takes forward RBI’s vision of providing a seamless recurring payment experience to customers.

activate like this
Customers can activate Wallet Auto Top-up by selecting the ‘Top-up’ icon in the Wallet section on the PhonePe app homepage. Next, enter an amount that needs to be added to the wallet, and a pop-up will appear asking customers to enable auto top-up. Customers need to enter the auto top-up amount ranging from Rs 1,000 to Rs 5,000 and set the ‘auto top-up’ wallet option at the bottom of the screen and enter the UPI PIN. On successful confirmation from the customer’s bank, the PhonePe Wallet is instantly recharged for the chosen amount, and an auto-top up mandate is created.


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