Big news, Apple preparing to make gaming PC with M-series chips!  Know how this special PC will be

Big news, Apple preparing to make gaming PC with M-series chips! Know how this special PC will be

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New Delhi. There is a good news for gaming lovers. It is reported that Apple is preparing to make a gaming PC with its new M-series chips. Currently Apple’s Mac computers aren’t really the kind of machines that would be considered for gaming. Nor is there anything in current Apple computers that would be gamers’ preferred choice. However, this may change in the future. In an interview with Tom’s Guide, Apple has confirmed its plans regarding PC gaming. Apple’s vice president of platform architecture, Tim Millett, told the website that PC gaming is a natural place for the company. He said that PC gaming will have to work closely with Apple’s Metal team and developer team. He added that Apple “likes the challenge. Apple’s move to bring more powerful and optimized M-series chipsets to Mac computers is being seen as the company’s upcoming version of PC gaming.”

Apple announced in 2020 that it would be moving away from Intel’s CPUs for Mac computers in favor of in-house silicon chips. Apple then said that Macs needed to be more powerful and efficient before the company could enter the gaming space. The company’s vice president of country product marketing, Bob Borchers, said Macs will have to maintain strong battery life and deliver solid performance to make the transition from Intel CPUs as smooth as possible. With the M1-powered MacBook Pro and MacBook Air, we’ve seen Apple more than double the battery life on its computers. Now, the company is setting its third target for gaming – the M-series chips.

Apple computers use M-series Mac CPUs

Now, while traditional gaming computers use a different powerful graphics card such as the Nvidia GeForce RTC 3080 series or the AMD Radeon RX 6000 series, Apple’s computers use M-series Mac CPUs with custom integrated graphics cores. To enter gaming, Apple may have to install more powerful GPUs to integrate graphics with Mac computers.

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The company’s long-term strategy is still unclear

With rumors of the next generation of Apple M-series chipsets coming with 16 or 32 graphics cores, it’s no surprise that Apple is getting into PC gaming. While the facts mostly point towards the Cupertino-based giant entering PC gaming soon. The company’s long-term strategy for PC gaming is still unclear, riding on the performance benefits that the M-series silicon chips provide.


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