Xiaomi's smart TV, smartphone will have to be expensive to buy from today, know how much the price will increase

Xiaomi’s smart TV, smartphone will have to be expensive to buy from today, know how much the price will increase

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New Delhi . Today from July 1, Xiaomi’s smartphones and smart TVs will become expensive. Here too Corona is having an effect on the prices. The company has said that it will increase the prices of its smartphones and smart TVs by 3-6 percent from July 1. The company is facing difficulties like shortage of equipment and high shipping charges.
A Xiaomi India spokesperson said that the supply chain has been declining since last year. The spokesman said that there is a huge gap between demand and supply. Hence, most of the devices (chipsets, display panels, display drivers, back panels, batteries etc.) used in smartphones, smart TVs and other electronics gadgets have seen a steady increase in prices.

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Unexpected increase in shipping charges
With this, the unexpected increase in shipping charges has had an impact on almost all technology companies including Xiaomi. The spokesperson said that while they have tried to handle the rising prices, some of our products have seen an increase in prices. He further said that they are seeing a hike of 3-6 per cent in the prices of their smart TVs from July 1.

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LED television prices will also increase
The smartphone prices are expected to increase with the same percentage. LED television prices are also expected to increase by 3 to 4 per cent this month as panel prices in the global market have increased, along with increase in logistics cost. The operating price has also increased in April. This is due to the increase in the cost of sea transport and the prices of domestic transport.
One of the largest segment in the entire range of TV Appliances and Consumer Electronics. Its selling price is about 25 thousand crores. As per the joint report given by the industry body, the TV market is expected to grow to 284 lakh units in 2024-25 as against 175 lakh units in 2018-19.


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