Why You Should Hire an INFP

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1. INFPs have the ability to create a harmonious environment. Since this intuitive feeling type focuses on making the world a better place, they start by influencing the people in their lives, some of them being co-workers. INFPs are naturals at understand others because they seek to understand. In fact, one of their missions in life is to understand themselves and others. This deep-seated care for others, although not shown outwardly, is sensed by others and puts them at ease.

2. INFPs are considerate and thoughtful. Along with many decisions in the workplace comes the consideration of others. Thoughtful and considerate of others they quickly filter decisions through their value system before proceeding. If they find that in fact someone would be influenced negatively, they will reconsider, finding another route. Very considerate, they place themselves in the shoes of others in order to find opportunities to make their lives easier, one gesture at a time. They command peoples respect, not demand it.

3. INFPs are great at conflict resolution. For these individuals conflict is very unsettling. The emphasis on who is wrong or who is right, is non-existent. They just know that it makes them feel badly and they have an urgency to mediate the conflict until it dissipates. Their approach is clever and often times accepted and appreciated. These are your workplace mediators that believe every person is entitled to justice.

4. INFPs are idealistic. These idealistic people are optimists and see the good in most situations. They see everyone as equals. No matter how wretched a person is they see something worth giving them credit for and want to give these people an ounce of hope. Also knowing, that when others are not very lovable, that is when they need love the most. They want to serve humanity and believe everyone is entitled to justice. Some even change the meaning of why things happen, in conjunction with a higher power.

5. INFPs listen well. When listening at times, it may seem as if they are lost in space while being spoken to. Rest assure they are taking in the information, more so if your speech or meeting welcomes humor and is something they are passionate about. Afterward they will remove themselves discreetly, to find solace. In doing this they can continue sifting through the information they just took in, often coming back with insightful questions to complete their understanding. If perhaps a report is to be handed in by all who attended the meeting, they will happily skip over to their office to create the most impressive recap. Nope not kidding, they may skip. They have wonderfully odd bursts of total weirdness sometimes. Anyway, it may be the last report handed in but the most worth waiting for, thought out intently as was the listening.

Look a bit deeper into the finely crafted introvert. They are the glue that sticks your company together, the innovative thinker with great ideas and what’s wrong with a little weirdness? It’s refreshing!

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