Why Odoo Is The Number One Small Business ERP? 3 Facts Behind It

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ERP system came as a prior IT solution to businesses to address their daily muddles, operational issues and pain points in management. As a complete software, it provides a cohesive view of all the organisation’s functions and data to every member or the staff in real-time. By being accessible to all, it prevents any discrepancies in the flow of information from one department to another and keeps a close eye on everything. But, why or how Odoo comes in the limelight in the realm of ERP? It is the right-fit ERP for small businesses because of a pool of reasons. Low-cost ERP development is one prominent reason. Moreover, Odoo takes ERPs one step ahead of all other prevailing solutions because of its ease-of-use.

With no further fussing around, let’s get clear about all the facts that make Odoo the standalone platform for developing ERPs for small-sized businesses.

Odoo offers unmatched scope for functional adjustments

No doubt in this. Odoo triumphs among all other mid-level ERPs in terms of functional scope. To say more, it holds a wide suite of applications that can provide support literally to any business type and any of their processes. It is inevitably an ‘all-in-one’ solution, fully integrated, and interoperable, that covers up almost all intrinsic functional areas in a business. Accounting, marketing, customer support, inventory management, purchase management, sales, and HR are some key ones.

Odoo is most affordable ERP solution

While most small businesses shy away at the thought of getting an ERP is the unusual higher costs associated with its development, implementation and management, Odoo helps them bypass all the cost miseries.

Firstly, they can start with some basic functionalities with Odoo’s modular approach. That would minimal costs expenses. Secondly, they can hold on to the fact that they can scale the ERP anytime when profits soar up with Odoo and get more customised functionalities. So, the value derived from Odoo is apparently more for small businesses.

Odoo’s inherent customisation options offer competitive advantages

It is one of the tailored ERP solutions that can help small businesses attain a competitive edge among in its own industrial sphere. It assists them in redefining their processes or workflows, and customise the solution with all needed functional requirements. Odoo also instills confidence in the small-business owners that their ERP system can be scaled alongside their business growth even if it is presently integrated with fewer functionalities. Besides, by costing a fraction of other ERP systems, Odoo wins the heart of most small entrepreneurs. Altogether, these provide them with higher competitive advantages.

It is no more challenging for any small business to get their workflows integrated with a robust technical solution like ERP. And Odoo is the one outstanding software gradually making space in the ERP market for all good reasons. Great functionalities, the full scope for customisation, scalability, ease of use, and great affordability, are most prominent.

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