What Is Code Snippet?

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The code snippet is a term used in programming to refer to small parts of reusable source codes. Such kinds of codes are available both in binary or text context. Code snippets are commonly defined as units or functional methods that can be readily integrated into larger modules providing functionality. This technical term is also used to refer to the practice of minimizing the use of repeated code that is common to many applications.

Java programmers use code snippets as an informative mean to support the process of encoding. Normally, a snippet shows an entire functional unit corresponding to code a small program, or a single function, a class, a template or a bunch of related functions.

Programmers use snippet codes with the same purposes as an application. For example, they use it as a way to show the code as a proven solution to a given problem. They may also use this to illustrate programming “tricks” of non-trivial implementation to highlight the peculiarities of a given compiler. Some people use this as an example of code portability or even to use them to lower the Java programming time. Organic and thematic collections of snippet codes include the digital collection of tips and tricks and act as a source for learning and refining programming.

The snippet is short and fulfills the particular task well, it does not need any extra code beyond standard library and system dependent code. The snippet isn’t the complete program – and for that you will submit the code in the source code repository that is the best place to handle the larger programs. Ideally, the snippet must be the section of code, which you may snip out of the larger program and very easily reuse in other program. In order, to make snippets simple to use, it is good to encapsulate in the function, class and potentially, as the framework to start the new program.

For a programmer, having good code snippets is very important. Many people use different way to keep their code with them. There is a lot of online solution also for those like against. Having good code in hand is very important to deliver best in class product. Snippets should be always modular and portable. So that is should be plugged into your code easily. Many people use github gist to keep their snippets. Ruby programmers use modules to create code snippets.

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