VmWare Certified Professional – Advantages of Getting a VCP Certification

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There has been a quiet revolution in computers over the past couple of years, but only developers and IT professionals are aware of it. This revolution involves the new found popularity of virtual machines. While different types of virtual machines have been around for decades, they are now more popular than ever. People have figured out clever uses for using virtual machines in everyday settings. If you are scared to open a file because you think that it might be a piece of malware, then you can just open it, in a vm image and let the damage happen in there. Also you can use the power of virtual machines, to make your computing sessions portable. You can easily make an image of your hard drive, and use it on any system that has a vm player installed. Also, virtual machines are extensively used in Enterprise I.T infrastructures, with the advantage being that a single hardware machine can host several virtual servers. The leader in this field right now is of course VmWare.

VmWare has been a leader in making the software that creates and manages virtual machines, accessible to the average user. Since there are a lot of companies starting to use vm images as server solutions, there is a new market that has opened up. There is also a drought of people that can fulfill the needs of this market. The market is for people that know how to operate the VM software and set it up for a large amount of customers. This is where becoming a VmWare Certified Professional can come in handy. A VCP Certification will tell your potential employer that you know everything about virtualization and can deploy it on their enterprise machines. To become a VCP3 certified you must take the VCP-310 Exam or the newest VCP-411 Exam in order to get the VCP4 certification. Training on VmWare VSphere can also be very helpful for learning the exam requirements of VCP Certification and finally passing the exam.

Most people that get a certification in the IT profession will know how to handle servers in an enterprise setting. What they will have a problem with though, is trying to set up an enterprise server in a virtual setting. There are special needs and precautions that one must take when they are deploying servers in this manner. A virtual server set up, can be a delicate eco system, which one must be careful. Becoming a VmWare Certified professional will show that you know how to do this. You will receive all of the proper training that you need to be able to accomplish the task. You will also be able to physically display the VCP logo, on your web site or business cards. This brings an extra level of professionalism while you are stating your case to your employer.

Becoming someone who is a VmWare Certified Professional will help you in the long run with your employment goals. Virtual Machines are popular in the present and they will be even more so in the future. Show your new boss that you are already one step ahead.

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