Video Marketing: Risk Free Ways To Go From Start To Profit – Faster

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“A Video Marketing Plan

Can Help Build Your Brand,

It’s a Quick Way To Get

From Start To Profit

And Eliminate The Middleman.”

Video marketing is one of the top ways to grab a prospects attention, add interest and build credibility in your message.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth ten thousand. Especially if you want to boost sales. That’s one reason more savvy small business owners are turning to video to market their business, product or service.

Because if a prospect can see it – they’re more likely to believe it… as opposed to just reading about it. Giving something visual to look at while hearing a message will outsell a printed version every time.

Most people would rather sit back, relax and watch a video of a product or service demonstration – than just read about it. Wouldn’t you?

One of the biggest mistakes come from those who do it once and expect miracle results by slapping it on YouTube. Like anything involving marketing, doing it once (including video marketing) will usually result in disappointment.

The small businesses who find video marketing success include it as a routine part of their business. They never see it as a one time or “once-in-a-while” event. For example, they use it on their website, emails, squeeze pages, to their customer list and more.

Having a video continues to grow more important… even expected from today’s consumer. Much like a business card did in the past.

But You Don’t Have To Go It Alone

A growing number of video marketing companies can provide the knowledge, technology and connections to help you. In fact, most can help you do it better, easier and cheaper than doing it all by yourself.

For example, they don’t just tell you how to create a video, you can do that by reading a Wiki article. They shine by helping you create a “video marketing plan” – tailored to your specific needs and budget (or lack of one). Plus, they provide the tools and technology to help make your plan successful.

They’re the secret weapon that’s quietly helping small “start-from-scratch” businesses get big results.

Guide To Choosing A Reputable and Affordable Video Marketing Company?

There’s a growing number of companies, just Google it. But beware! Most are fly-by-night or overpriced. But still a handful of top-flight, dependable and affordable companies exist. Just make sure you use the free checklist I’ve included below. It will help you avoid losing time, money and… hair!

Top 10 Must-Haves To Seek In A Video Marketing Company – Checklist:

Note: The more of these qualities the company has the better your chance of success – and the less frustration you’ll experience.

1. Video Recording – that allows you to record basic screen or webcam videos – that get you online in seconds. Quick and simple.

2. Allows You To Add Controls – For example, “Buy Now”buttons, “opt-in forms” and other call-to-action features you can add directly in your videos. They’ll make it easier for your prospects to respond to your offers.

3. Has Video Analytics (Real Time Stats) – You’ll need to know who’s viewing, how many, for how long, where did they click off, what were their favorite parts, etc. That’s all vital information showing you how and where you can improve. Without them you’re just guessing and hoping – like most small business owners.

4. Allows Split Testing – Lets you create vital split tests (on-the-fly), plus set performance goals and track real time results. Helps you go from “I think to… I know”.

5. Allows You To Easily Create Your Own Customer Video Pages – Make sure they have drag and drop features – for ease of use and faster results.

6. Video Conversion – Provides one click, web-based and mobile ready converter. Gets you up and running easily and quickly.

7. Timed Events Feature – Helps you create time events around your videos and give you a better chance at captivating your audience. Helps your videos stand out from the crowd.

8. URL Security (Very Important) – Helps protect your videos from being hijacked. Secure video url and embed code to protect from unauthorized use. Many hackers and online thieves make a good living off newbies, amatures and even pros who overlook this.

9. 24/7 Consultation – This is where many companies drop the ball. They get you signed up then make it hard for you to contact them or give slow responses. A slow response can cost you sales or cause you to waste time or money.

10. Offers Free Trial – If you see any video marketing company who doesn’t offer a free trial – don’t just walk away… Run! Because most legitimate companies offer at least a 7 to 30 day free trial. So, you risk nothing.

Now use this checklist when investigating video marketing companies. It will help save you tons of time, money and frustration. Resist the temptation to take short-cuts. When it comes to this step, success is in the details.

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