Twitter down in many parts of the world, threads not loading;  Site not working properly on personal computer

Twitter down in many parts of the world, threads not loading; Site not working properly on personal computer

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New Delhi. There are reports of microblogging site Twitter being down and not working properly in many parts of the world. According to the information received, people are not able to see anyone’s complete thread or tweet. Most of the problems faced by Twitter are related to its website. According to Downdetector, users are facing problems from 7:03 am on Thursday.

According to the report of Downdetector, many users reported that Twitter is not working properly on personal computer, but some users said that the site is working almost fine in mobile app. According to Downdetector, more than 6,000 users reported ongoing issues on Twitter since late last night. According to the website, about 93 percent of the total reports are related to the Twitter website.

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Most of the users have complained that they were not able to view the timeline. Also it was not able to load any reply or twitter thread. In doing so, Twitter’s website was instructing to retrace.

Twitter’s dispute with India
The digital giant is at loggerheads with the Indian government over the new social media rules. The Indian government has criticized the country’s new IT regulations for deliberately ignoring and failing to comply with the rules despite being told several times.

It is noteworthy that under the new rules, the legal relief given to this microblogging platform as an intermediary has ended and as such it will be responsible for any illegal posts posted by the user.

Minister’s account closed, wrong map shown
Recently, following huge protests, Twitter on Monday removed the distorted map showing Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh outside India from its website. Amid the standoff, a distorted map of India was being shown on Twitter’s website, showing Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh as a separate country.

Twitter, on the other hand, temporarily blocked the account of Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on Friday for allegedly violating US copyright law amid increasingly strained ties with the Indian government. The minister immediately condemned the move and termed it as arbitrary and a gross violation of IT rules.


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