Parliamentary Standing Committee summoned on Twitter, asked to appear on June 18

Twitter appointed Chief Compliance Officer, said – efforts are on to follow the guidelines

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New Delhi. Micro-blogging platform Twitter has appointed interim Chief Compliance Officer in respect of intermediate guidelines issued by the Ministry of Information Technology. The company has said that the details will be shared with the IT ministry soon. A Twitter spokesperson said every effort was being made to comply with the new guidelines. The IT Ministry is being informed about the progress at every step.

Parliamentary Standing Committee summoned on Twitter, asked to appear on June 18
At the same time, the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Information Technology has sent a summon on Twitter. Twitter officials have been summoned and asked to appear before the committee on June 18. Twitter has been summoned on the issue of protection of civil rights, prevention of misuse of social media/online news media platforms and safety of women on online platforms.

The ministry has sought this information from social media platforms.
Significantly, according to the Ministry of IT, major social media platforms provide services in India through their parent company or any other subsidiary. Some of these fall under the definition of Important Social Media Intermediaries (SSMIs) under the IT Act and the new rules. In such a situation, to ensure compliance with these rules, social media platforms must provide the physical address of the platform in India along with details of three key personnel, in addition to details such as app name, website and services. The letter states that if you are not considered an SSMI, the reason should be given along with the number of users registered on each service.

If you do not follow the rules, you will lose the status of an intermediary entity.
Failure to comply with the rules may result in social media companies losing their intermediary entity status. In other words, non-compliance can lead to criminal action against them. According to the new rules, if any material is objected to by the authorities and asked to remove them, then action will have to be taken within 36 hours.


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