Truecaller brings many new features to its Android users

Truecaller brings many new features to its Android users

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Truecaller has rolled out an update for Android users with features like group voice calling, smart SMS and inbox cleaner. The company says that these new features have been introduced based on user feedback. Group voice calls enable the ability to make cross-border voice calls with up to eight people at once, while Smart SMS uses integrated algorithms to filter spam, categorize useful information, and remind you about payments. uses. Lastly, the new Inbox Cleaner feature lets users free up space on their phone by deleting unused messages.

Truecaller will also help identify spam users in the group if participants are added during a group voice call without the user’s knowledge. Users will be able to add new participants to the voice call without even adding them to their phonebook. The app will show each participant’s city and also whether another user is busy with another call or is offline. Truecaller says that all group voice calls are protected with symmetric encryption. Apart from this, this feature also provides the option of dial back from the call log. This makes it easy to manage the group while calling back in a group call.

Another feature called Smart SMS will be added to Truecaller. It will help identify and filter spam, categorize useful information, and even remind you of pending payments. This feature will be available for users in India, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa. It will soon be available in Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Sweden and the US.

Lastly, Truecaller will get a new Inbox Cleaner that will help users clean up all old, unwanted messages in a matter of seconds. From the menu Inbox Cleaner will show you how many old OTP and Spam SMS you have submitted. You will be able to delete old SMS quickly and effectively without affecting your important data by tapping on the ‘Clean Up’ button. users google play store You can download the latest version of Truecaller from here.

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