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Have you ever wondered what IVR service providers are? Allow us to provide a brief description of IVR, and you can also understand IVR based services later.

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IVR has a full form Interactive voice response, And this is Automated communication technology. Primarily, important companies use it because it enables customers to interact with services without humanitarian assistance. You can take the example of Airtel customer support, Apple customer support, AT&T customer support, and more.

  1. Anyone can use it by adding script.
  2. Callers can perform transactions.
  3. Callers can contact a customer service representative.
  4. This helps callers learn about solutions and new services.

Keep in mind that the primary purpose is to help callers without human presence, and it also helps businesses to provide more effective customer support without any extra effort.

IVR Technology Has become an essential tool for companies like Banks, Lpg gas provider, customer Care, Amazon package, even more.

Best cheap IVR service provider in India

Finding an ideal IVR service provider in India Is extremely difficult. A Google search is not enough to find Reliable IVR solution Because there are too many shoddy and irresponsible providers in the market. You want to avoid such providers, otherwise you have to face hard times with them. Allow us to suggest five IVR Provider Those who are reliable and provide services at affordable prices.

Last year we were added to the top 5 IVR service providers in India, but due to some issues in billing with these companies, I kept looking for a better option that suited our business.

After using the one-year IVR system for our company, we found Techment.iN in mid-2019 and transferred all our interactive voice response services to them without changing their number.

What did i get from them?

  • Free Voice over Annual Plan
  • Quick and Easy Setup Dashboard
  • Call recording
  • Record and upload post office messages from your panel
  • Find all missed and received call logs on realtime

It has now been three months for our three assistant officers using their services to provide customer support, I am very impressed with the service they receive.

1. Servatel Review

Servatel Has an advanced level Cloud telephony IVR service provider in India. They are ours. Let’s get to the first place IVR Services List in India. IVR service provider advertises Tax free number, Virtual number, Voice broadcast, Press to call, IVR based services, IVR Hosted Services, even more. They have customers Cipla, Ola cab, Cars 24, Glidec, even more.

price ceiling:

ServTel did not disclose pricing, and they inspire you to try the trial version. This is a marketing strategy to get people to register for the trial version, and after you input the details, they reveal pricing. The primary purpose is to try the free version for some time.

  • He has a basic plan for beginners.
  • Advanced plan for a medium-sized business.
  • Premium plan for those who cannot work without interactive voice response and voice process services.

Pricing is not available as they believe in providing custom packages to customers.

key features:

  • Is basic in dashboard IVR And Advanced IVR.
  • A user-friendly dashboard that allows you to choose the number and virtual number of your choice.
  • Custom On-hold music, Custom SMS API, Multi IVR, Automatic outbound calling, And Personal IVR.
  • You can subscribe Bulk sms package Too.
  • Voice broadcast Helps you send outbound calls instantly and connect with your customers.
  • Call routing assigns any available user or the correct department.
  • The company also offers a missed call service for quick and hassle-free operations.
  • A toll-free number can add considerable value to any business.


Each inbound and outbound call can be recorded for quality purposes. A real-time analytical and call log to check back for received and dialed calls. A dedicated toll-free customer care line for those who want to access customer care.

2. Exotel Review

EXOTEL is another Indian company that offers Interactive voice services. The company is headquartered in Bangalore, and is at our second location IVR Services In India list. EXOTEL has worked with some reputed enterprises such as Practo, Red bus, Quikr, even more.

price ceiling:

they offer sound, SMS, And Authentication. Prices vary from product to product; You can check manually.

  • You get a 15-day trial period with 1000 credits that you can use on SMS and Voice services. You can make it using any available product. We request you to check the pricing page which has the features listed in it.
  • By paying Rs 9,999, you get a multilevel IVR, a usage balance (call / SMS) of Rs 5,000, and three agents. The company charges you Rs 4,999 for rental purposes, and you get six months validity.
  • By paying Rs. 19,999, you get a multilevel IVR, Rs. 9,500 usage balance (call / SMS), and six companies charge you Rs. 10,499 for rental purposes, and you get one year of validity.
  • By paying Rs 49,999, you get multilevel IVR, Rs 39,500 usage balance (call / SMS) and unlimited. The company charges you Rs 10,499 for the rental purpose, and you get one year of validity.
  • Custom package.

key features:

  • In the dashboard a. is Virtual numbering Feature that enables you to add Virtual number.
  • A toll-free number can be of great value to your company, and you can add it using these companies.
  • You can also enable scripted automated calls so that customers can solve the problem themselves.
  • A built-in feature for viewing performance and analytics to improve your company.
  • They have a blog to teach you how major companies have implemented Number masking, Automatic phone call, Reduce operating costs, Increase efficiency, even more.


Unlike many other brands in this industry, Exotel allows you to use the package for SMS and voice purposes. It is entirely up to you whether you want to use it or not Voice objective Or send SMS. You also get validity, and it is not a monthly subscription. Monthly membership for small business with less would be a bad idea Communication activity.

You can also try the trial version for 15 days by unlocking every feature. Dedicated customer care comes in handy when you are confused.

3. My Operator Review

MyOperator is an important platform in the industry, and they are working with some of the country’s most popular brands. Lenscarto, Make my trip, Food panda, And more, to name a few. The company is excellent at offering Interactive voice services And A business voice system To customers. They stand on top of IVR service providers in the Mount of India.

price ceiling:

  • They have a free plan, but it does not add any value to most users.
  • The first payment package starts at Rs 1500 per month, and provides one thousand free minutes to four users.
  • The second and third packages offer Rs 3000 and Rs 5000 per month, and are suitable for growing businesses.
  • The enterprise-level package offers some premium features, but you will have to contact the team for custom orders and receive valuable offers on it.

key features:

  • You can use virtual numbers to send and receive calls from customers and customers.
  • A (1800-000-000) toll-free number can add significant value to customers.
  • A unique number that represents your brand, and is called a vanity number in business.
  • You get insights like analysis Report, Call information, history, performance Report, Voicemail facility, even more.
  • Additional features like Remarketing, CRM integration, Ssl protection, even more.


My Operator is an established company, and comes with the benefit of expertise. They provide a quick demo for you, so you can try before you buy. You can start recording calls and customize IVR for quality purpose.

They have secure customer service to support your questions and resolve issues. And, this is one of the reasons why they stand at number one in our IVR services in India list.

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