Tips For Testing Keywords

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Keywords are the crux of any successful pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaign. But sometimes choosing the right keywords can be a daunting task. Even when using PPC research marketing tools like ZamDoo, Google Cash Detective, and others, choosing the keywords that will give you the most hits and increase sales is not always easy. This is despite the fact that with new PPC research tools, you can easily evaluate the performance of popular keywords, check out what your competition is up to, and create separate marketing campaigns that focus on different niche markets.

The first tip is to keep in mind that keywords can be found anywhere. After you’ve decided on the type of product or affiliate marketing program to join, you should focus your efforts on finding target audiences and learning more about the types of searches they conduct to see which keywords they’re using. Brainstorm on your own and build a list of possible words. You can find keywords in various places such as magazines and newspapers, blogs, using Google and Yahoo keyword search tools, browsing online auction sites and booksellers. Anywhere you look online and off can give you inspiration and keywords for your list.

Once you have a list, you can use tools like ZamDoo to create sets of keywords that will be able to show you all the ads that have been shown for that keyword. You can also group them by separate campaigns to better track the value of all the keywords on your list. With ZamDoo, you can research up to 20,000 keywords at any given time. The idea is to find keywords that are the most often used and then bid on them so you will be able to post an ad on search engine result pages that pertain to a particular keyword. Understanding where your competition is placing their ads will give you a better idea of which ones to bid on and which ones are no longer valuable.

Depending on your target audience, you may find smaller niche groups within that may be searching for products similar to yours, but using a different set of keywords. By testing keywords before bidding, you can narrow down your list and only use keywords that will most likely be profitable.

Choosing the right keywords is important for many reasons. Because PPC marketing can be very expensive, especially if you have ten or twenty campaigns posted at a time, you will want to maximize your sales in order to make a profit and earn enough to pay for your marketing efforts. If you know very little about PPC, visit the forum populated by experienced marketers and moderators at ZamDoo. You can post a question and receive many answers that will be helpful. This is just one of many services that ZamDoo provides to those who are new to Internet marketing.

Another tip when testing keywords is to set a bid budget. It is very easy to bid higher than you can afford because you want your ad to appear on the search engine result page. When placing an ad, you are taking a large gamble because you may not reach the sales percentage you need to pay for the advertising. Creating a realistic budget and testing the waters by bidding on a few keywords in the beginning until you become more comfortable with the process is a good way to get started when engaging in PPC marketing campaigns.

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