Tips for Naming a Business

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Creating an attractive business name can be a matter of doing some very simple research. Some will suggest that you pick a name that is associated to the theme of your business, whereas others will tell you that an all purpose company name is the best.

In general, a name should be attractive, simple to spell, easy to pronounce and appealing to the target consumer base. Every company name has a distinctive thought process that goes into its making. Here are some examples to trigger your thought process that will help you choose a good name.

Many companies use names that promptly give an idea about the nature of the business. Burger King and Pizza Hut are some good examples.

While creating a business name you can combine words to create catchy names. Like Infosys, which is a combination of information and systems. Some more examples for such company names are Teknocast, Ameridata, Titanidyne, Cyberfarb, Cyclographix, Omnidant and Thundertainment.

Many popular businesses have used their personal name. Some renowned personal company names are Heineken, Wells Fargo, Chrysler, Mercedes, Chevrolet, Boeing, Ferrari, Tommy Hilfiger, McDonald and Nestle.

When creating a business name you can make use of words from different languages like Nike which means Greek goddess of victory, Volkswagen means peoples car in German, Sony is derived from a Latin word sonus meaning sound and Lego means put together in Latin.

Some companies intentionally mis-spell their names to sound more interesting and attractive. Flickerr, Topix, Zooomr and Google are some examples.

While naming a business you can also use acronyms; while these might not always sound attractive many companies have used such names with great success. Companies like AOL – America Online and FIM – Fox Interactive Media are some examples.

You can also use a word that tells a story to reflect an important aspect of your business. For example, the company name Virgin tells a story that they were virgins at business when they started.

You can also have alliteration; it can contain a double entendre like in the name Park Place. It has two meanings one is a place to park a car, another is a high end real estate business. These kinds of names are catchy and more memorable. Blackberry, Sir Speedy, Pip Printing are some more examples.

As you browse through the list of business name ideas, make sure that the name you pick is available as a domain name.

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