Things to Do at City Hall When Opening a Mobile Detailing or Car Washing Company

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Okay so, let’s say that you’ve decided to go into the mobile detailing and mobile car washing business. You’ve scouted out the competition, and note that there is a lot of work available, and you’d like to provide those services and find yourself gainfully employed. Indeed, I must say I totally applaud that, not only your initiative, but also your participation in the free market.

Now then, after you’ve prepared a small business plan for yourself, or have determine your strategy, next you will have to go to City Hall to get your business license. When you go to City Hall, there are many more things you should do besides just getting your business license, paying the fee, and walking out.

First, I recommend that you speak to the storm water person so you understand the environmental rules and regulations and the NPDES requirements for your city. Environmental compliance is mandatory, and you don’t want to get a citation, or pay the fines that go along with that. Besides it will give you a terrible reputation as a polluter if you make a mistake.

Next, after you understand what’s required, and you’re certain that you have the equipment necessary to do the job correctly without polluting the environment, then you should seek getting a business license. While at the business license counter you should ask if the city has any contracts available for cleaning their vehicles, generally cities contract this out, and they have lots of cars that need cleaning on a repetitive basis, as well as vehicles they need detailed. They are also most likely under a mandate to contract with small companies, little companies like yours.

Also, while at the small business counter you should find out who the nonprofit groups are in your city, and also any competing companies, and you can get those because these groups and companies must also get business licenses. Nonprofit groups are important to know because you may wish to do a car wash fundraiser as a good way to help you get new clients, but also participate in the community.

If you don’t have a fictitious name statement you will need to get one of those too, and generally they have copies of the form at the City Hall where people get their business licenses. If you are going to use a fictitious name, rather than your own name for your company, you will need one of these also so you can open a business checking account.

I’d also recommend that you get information about the Chamber of Commerce, and find out the local SCORE and ACE consulting contacts, as these groups can assist you in getting your business off to a good start. There will generally be pamphlets and brochures right near the small business license counter. Be sure to do all this as well because it makes sense to be part of the business community and do the right thing. Please consider all this and think on it.

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