These money and investing tips can float your portfolio whether there's a recession or not

These money and investing tips can float your portfolio whether there’s a recession or not

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Most investors still don’t understand the relationship between risk and return, study reveals

Survey respondents say, for example, that real estate is safer than stocks yet produces bigger gains. Read More

Target-date funds are showing why they can shine when inflation and economic uncertainty are high

Bear markets call for tailored, broadly diversified retirement portfolios. Read More

Whatever you’re feeling now about stocks is normal bear-market grief — and the worst is yet to come

Be on the lookout for the final two stages of bear market grief — depression and acceptance — before a major new bull market can begin. Read More

The Fed vowed to crush inflation with higher rates. Then the stock market rallied. Here’s why. (It’s not good news.)

Slaying the inflation dragon isn’t done with baby steps. Expect much higher interest rates as a headwind for equities. Read More

This chart shows S&P 500 now faces heavy resistance to more gains

Trade the stock market’s short-term counter-rallies but add this new ‘core’ bearish position. Read More

Bull-market rebirth or head fake? These five indicators will give the green light for a sustained rise in stock prices

Many more stocks will have to hit new highs for a bull market to reemerge. Read More

We’re probably in the early stages of a new bull market. Nervous? Start with these 5 ‘moat’ stocks

Facebook parent Meta, Disney and 3 more heavily discounted quality stocks. Read More

15 quality dividend stocks that you can buy on sale right now

John Buckingham, editor of the Prudent Speculator, digs deeply for discounted stocks with attractive dividend yields. Read More

Semiconductor stocks have been hit hard, but many are poised for rapid growth. Here are 15 expected to shine through 2024

Shares of chip makers may be ripe after a broad decline. Read More

These clean-energy ETFs are surging after ‘handily’ beating the S&P 500 over the past three months

Clean-energy funds are outshining the S&P 500 recently, getting another boost after an unexpected agreement in Washington on a bill that includes climate-related spending. Read More

These 20 stocks still have at least 48% upside, analysts say, despite the S&P 500’s 8% gain from its lows

Favored companies include Meta, Delta, Halliburton and General Motors. Analysts see 32% upside for the communications sector. Read More

Elon Musk is hitting ‘peak hubris’ with his high-risk Twitter and bitcoin plays. Tesla shareholders should be concerned.

Those who think they are the smartest in the room rarely are. Read More

Things you never knew about annuities

Edward McQuarrie sheds some light on this polarizing investment. Read More

If gold prices keep falling, it won’t be because interest rates are rising

This pattern looks compelling, but it can’t predict gold’s prospects. Read More

Muni bonds aren’t just for the wealthy and investors in states with high taxes

The taxable-equivalent yield for municipal bonds is particularly attractive right now. Read More

Thinking of leaving your financial adviser to save the fees? Make sure you’re able to DIY.

‘If you save 1% in adviser fees but lose 2%-3% a year to the market, what have you gained?’ Read More

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