The Top Oldest Professions That Still Exist Today

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New professions are being invented every year, especially with the constantly changing technology that we have today. Other jobs seem like they have been around forever like that of a locksmith or the carpenter that builds furniture in New England. What are the oldest jobs or professions? Some people joke that prostitution is the oldest career but this article will discuss some of the oldest jobs like the trade based ones of a carpenter or a locksmith, a teacher, and a mother.

The oldest profession that has been around as long as men and women have existed together would be that of a mother. Everyone that is a mother knows that this is a full time job with the amount of time and effort it takes to help to raise a happy, healthy child. No matter what part of the world you live in and if you live in a small African village or in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, raising a child takes a lot of work. Feeding and waking up throughout the night with a newborn baby is an exhausting yet rewarding introduction to this job as a mother. The role as a Mom continuously changes as the child grows but is a steadily busy one nevertheless.

Another job that is considered to be very old is that of a carpenter. Many people would refer to the Bible when this topic is raised saying that Jesus had been a carpenter. Dating farther back than you could possibly imagine, people created things out of wood whether it was tools, living structures or even furniture pieces. These people soon were able to use this skill to barter for other items and to create a kind of commerce for themselves. A locksmith is also an old profession with the earliest lock dating back 4,000 to Egypt.

The final profession that will be mentioned here is that of a teacher. This can be dated back a very long way and one of the most famous teachers in our history goes back to the Greek times with Plato teaching the well known Aristotle. Back then teachers were all males as well as the students. Now more teachers are female versus male, especially at the younger grades. People have always had the need to teach other and although what they were taught has changed quite a bit, the idea of a teacher giving knowledge to a student has not. Because of this teaching is truly one of the oldest professions to still exist and thrive today.

There are obviously, many other jobs that would be considered some of the oldest ones too but the ones listed above really are at the top of the list. Some jobs used to thrive and be some of the most important professions and now today they no longer exist as technology and other changes have created this to happen. Just think, if you become a mother in your lifetime, you will be carrying and performing the oldest profession known to man.

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