The Knights of the Tarot Cards – Heroes Galloping to the Rescue

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Wherever there’s a Knight, there’s action; movement; activity; drama. It’s better than Xena and Hercules, because it’s happening in your life. It’s your very own, exciting 5-star event.

But not all Knights create the same events.

If the Knight of Cups rides into your Tarot reading (unless he’s tempered by a card suggesting a let-down, such as the 8 of Cups; or a card suggesting caution, like the 7 of Swords), you can expect to be swept off your feet by a sensitive, romantic guy or gal. Go for it!

The Knight of Swords means well, but this guy will bring major chaos into your life. He’ll swoop in, create issues, and ride away – leaving you with a big mess to clean up. Not judging – some people thrive on theatre. And an encounter with the Knight of Swords can be very exciting.

The Knight of Wands, though. Ah, here’s a rescuer. (And if you’re a guy reading this, the rescuer may be part of yourself – or it may be a masculine quality in a woman friend.) The Knight of Wands is optimistic and honest. Gals, if you’ve picked this card after a question about your current guy, relax. He’s not cheating on you. Some Wand Knights are even a bit naive and may get discouraged if they can’t save you immediately, right now.

The Knight of Coins (aka Knight of Pentacles), is an OMG type of guy or gal. And wow is he a workaholic – not to the point of ignoring the rest of his life’s duties, but because his career and his ability to provide for and help others is important to him. Unlike the other Knights, he doesn’t gallop wildly anywhere. He thinks, he plans, and then he goes at his own pre-determined speed.

Don’t forget about archetypes.

When you get a Knight in your reading, he may also indicate

1. a part of yourself with these qualities,

2. an urging to use these parts of yourself to overcome an immediate obstacle,

3. some movement (emotional, mental, or travel-related) that you might want to consider.

These Knights are often pictured as men – but remember, in modern Tarot interpretations, the Knights are not gender-specific.

The Knights, Reversed

If a Knight lands into your reading reversed (upside down), he’s representing the same basic idea, but the outcome is not as sure or perhaps as quick. For instance, The Knight of Coins reversed indicates a need to re-think money plans before making any commitments. The reversed Knight of Swords could mean that the person galloping into your life may not be as potent or impactive as he appears. An upside down Knight of Wands, on the other hand, offers the gift of letting go of a project (or person) that is slowing you down. He reminds us to keep our long-term goals in mind and not get sidetracked. And finally, if you receive a reversed Knight of Cups, he is telling you to approach your activities and relationships with more thought, more planning, and perhaps more maturity.

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