The Importance of Exposure in Life

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You can only aspire to the level of your awareness and exposure. Your exposure helps you to dream. You can never dream of something you have never come across. It is important to take note of the areas that increase your level of exposure as that becomes the much needed arsenal to propel you to the next level of life. Children sometimes only aspire as far as they can see their parents doing. The parents achievements are highly regarded. I spoke once to two kids whose mothers were maids or home assistants. They both were about 4 years old. I asked a simple question “what do you want to do when you are grown up?”. Their answers were bold and to the point “To be a home assistant; maid”. It proved to me that because their exposure level was low, they felt this was the career to choose.

After all, mummy chose that so it must be good. Expose your children to good things and watch them excel

A few ways

Reading – There is always a lot of material to read ranging from newspapers, books and so on. I have heard someone say the safest place to hide bank notes is the book shelf, inside the books because many people take books for granted. Books usually reflect a person’s experiences hence they increase your own exposure level.

Traveling – going to places you have never been to only expands your horizons. I recall the first time I ever boarded a plane to travel to a town 300 miles from the capital city. I was in awe of what a plane can do, going to a place I had never been to. It was amazing. I also recall my first time in the city when I was in my early 20s. It was an amazing experience I still enjoy recalling.

Research – There are several places where you can do your researches. Biggest and common place now is the internet. You can also use other online tools like encyclopaedia etc. Research on areas of interest and watch your level of knowledge grow.

Watching – Always take time to watch others, watch television, watch processes as you ask questions. These are means by which you get to feed your mind with new things.

Tasting – Have you ever eaten crocodile meat? The first time I did I had no idea. I however realized from that day what I was missing all my life. My exposure became so helpful in that I added one type of meat to my shopping list. The taste of the pudding is in the eating. You can never be exposed to good food unless you taste. watching the food being prepared in not good enough. You need to get the real exposure.

Networks – Your networks that you build will always help you in terms of exposing you to new things. I make an effort to network with people who have had some level of exposure which I do not yet have. That way I get to learn from other people’s mistakes and successes.

Go to school or college – It is in such places that you learn new ways of doing things, new concepts etc Never stop learning.

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