The data of the players of Battleground Mobile India is being sent to many other countries including China!

The company took this step after the Chinese connection of Battleground Mobile India surfaced

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Questions have arisen as soon as Battlegrounds Mobile India was launched. The game has come under fire since its early access went live a few days ago. It was reported that it is sending and receiving data to and from servers in China, Hong Kong, Moscow and the US. It was also reported that it pings a Tencent server in Beijing while booting. Crafton last year announced the termination of ties with China-based Tencent to bring the game back to its former form for Indian users. After that, now these new reports are telling that the company is not fulfilling that promise. Now Crafton has released a small update to fix the China server issue.

IGN India was the first to report about Battlegrounds Mobile India hosting data on servers in China and other countries. now it says The game will not share information with China servers when you play the game. A small automatic update downloads when you boot up the game which seems to have fixed the problem. Once that update is applied Battlegrounds Mobile India will ask you to restart the game and log back in.

This update released by Crafton reportedly prevents any data from going to Chinese servers. IGN India ran a packet sniffer over the course of two matches after the update was implemented and noticed that Battlegrounds Mobile India was not reporting a single Chinese server. The report states that the Chinese server is pinged only when the app data is deleted. This could be due to the account migration feature, which enabled PUBG Mobile users to transfer their in-app purchases to Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India states in its Privacy Policy that personal information will be stored and processed on servers located in India and Singapore. However, it may transfer User Data to other countries in order to operate the Game Service or to satisfy legal requirements. This new update will reportedly ensure that no Chinese server is pinged for Indian users.

The Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT) has written to the Union Minister for IT and Communications Ravi Shankar Prasad, demanding a ban on Battleground Mobile India in the country. It has also urged Google to remove the game from its Play Store.

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