The Bjork Tattoo of Self-Determination

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Bjork has created a very unique and successful music career for herself, which she determined for herself with a special marking from her teenage years. At age 17, she went to a tattoo shop with her poet friend Didda, where they both got marked with a rune compass, known as a Vegvesir, which is over 1000 years old and consists of specific runes. The Icelandic word Vegvesir, means directional sign or guidepost. This very special Bjork tattoo was chosen so that she would always know where she is going, and that she’d never get lost in the fog. It is quite apparent that this special tattoo worked!

Even though it is associated with the Viking era, it is actually from 17th century Icelandic witchcraft called Galdrabok (meaning “magic book”). Traditionally, the Vesvesir would be drawn on the forehead with blood, coal, or saliva, or etched or drawn on the inside of a helmet to protect the person from getting lost. While Bjork wanted to retain the meaning of her chosen sacred marking, she clearly chose a much more present-day and tasteful place to put it, on her left upper arm. And it is obvious that she continues to march successfully down her own unique path, always innovative and on the cutting edge, and never lost.

She inspires her fans, who respect her for far more than her music. She has a beautiful unique voice and a wild imagination when it comes to not only her musical art, but also her visual art as well. This is evident in any of her music videos. She has always expressed herself in her own unique way, directed by her heart, rather than her fears. She has never allowed the mainstream’s judgements of her to affect her negatively.

Many of her fans also wear the Vegvesir tattoo, not only to also never be lost, but also to have a piece of her with them. There are stories out there that those who discovered her and now even wear her Vegvesir tattoo as well originally struggled with a lack of direction and a good amount of emotional pain, but after they discovered Bjork, then even got the tattoo eventually, their lives changed for the better and they found purpose, healing, and a steady path to follow – just as the meaning of the marking intends. Not only is she seen as inspirational, but she is also seen as a healer, even though she may not even intend to be.

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