The BIG Six Master Mind Group

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In the early part of the twentieth century there was a famous and powerful Master Mind group referred to as the “Big Six”. These men were of Chicago and its members consisted of Wm. Wrigley Jr., owner of the chewing gum business that has his name even today with an income of over $15,000,000 per year; John R. Thompson who ran a chain of lunch rooms at the time; Mr Lasker owner of Lord and Thomas Advertising Agency; Mr. McCullough owner of the Parmalee Express Company the largest transfer company in America; and Mr. Ritchie and Mr. Hertz owners of the Yellow Taxicab business.

At the time of their Master Mind group the combined income was estimated to be in excess of $25,000,000 or an average of $4,000,000 per man. Out of all these men not one had any special education and all began without and money or major credit, yet they become millionaires many times over.

These men began many years before by forming a friendly group that met at specific times to discuss their business, plans and ideas, and to help each other as much as they could. The entire purpose of the group was to assist each other by sharing ideas and lending money in cases of emergency.

Each member of this group became multimillionaires though their harmonious mastermind group, learning to think at a higher level with a common purpose.

One of the most powerful and strongest corporation of the early twentieth century was the United States Steel Corporation that great out of a single idea from Elbert H. Gary, a small town lawyer from Chicago Illinois.

Gary gathered a special group of men forming a highly successful Master Mind group, the board of directors, who insured the outstanding success of the United States Steel Corporation.

Look around you for any extremely successful business and you’ll discover a focused Master Mind group called their board of directors, who are working in a harmonious and focused and friendly manner, lead by a strong and competent leader.

When the leader becomes weak, or corrupt, or uncaring, or the board of directors loose the harmony and focus then the company will suffer and/or collapse. Just look at what has happen in the past few years with major corporations collapsing after decades of success.

Most people look at a successful and wealth person or corporation and believe their wealth lies in their cash, resources, property and inventory; what most people don’t realize is that the biggest and most important item that makes up a person’s or company’s worth it its knowledge and skill in applying that knowledge.

A mastermind that maintains their harmony, values, and trust could lose everything and still regain their wealth through the power of their Master Mind and accumulated knowledge. But lose the trust, respect and harmony of the members of the group and everything is lost.

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