The Benefits of Pressure

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A situation that is classified as having pressure is when a lot is expected to be done in very limited time space. Sometimes one s given little time to do the work but in some instances others invite pressure into their lives but procrastinating issues they know will be called for in due course. Pressure has its own advantages. It is important to note that there are people who crumble when pressure comes. They have a fear or being under pressure. Their minds freeze at the onset of pressure or where decisions have to be made quick. I am the opposite of that. I work best under pressure. Below are some of the advantages or benefits of pressure.

– Pressure exposes Potential – Some people’s potential and capacity is always hidden until enough pressure comes their way; only then do you get to see the amount of things that the person can accomplish. I am one of the people who enjoys working under extreme pressure. It brings out the best in me.

– Pressure Purifies – Under pressure, diamonds and gold are purified. I realized when I am under pressure I deal with the way I think. I discard thoughts that are not relevant focusing on what has to be done. Pressure indeed purifies my mind to set it towards the task at hand.

– Pressure teaches Preparation / Planning – It is in the atmosphere of pressure that you get to be taught the need of preparation. Sometimes when there is no pressure, preparation and planning are not necessarily effectively tested. How prepared were you for the exam. When the date comes close we are able to test that easily by observing your level of anxiety.

– Pressure creates Peak Performance Power – Under pressure, the muscle gets to work and produce enough power to propel the body organs to action providing the power that the body needs to move. without exerting pressure even on the brain, people tend to think within a confined box. Limitation becomes common. People wont break out of the box.

– Pressure tests Principle – How principled are you under pressure? People are quick to consider themselves principled until some degree of pressure comes on. Then we see whether principles are a lifestyle or simply a statement that you allege when you are in actual fact far from what you proclaim

– Pressure encourages Perseverance – It is under pressure that your determination to go to the end is encouraged. You are sharpened and toughened under pressure to be able to pull through any mountains and obstacles in your way.

– Pressure helps identify Purpose – Your purpose may be hidden in the things that you are able to subdue and endure under pressure. Some people take time to actually accept their purpose until an element of pressure comes on their lives whether naturally or otherwise. Pressure is critical for the purpose identification process. You get to see the things you can tolerate. When you are able to withstand pressure while doing something you are passionate about then you have found your reason for existence.

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