Tesla's Model Y is the hottest used car in the U.S. right now

Tesla’s Model Y is the hottest used car in the U.S. right now

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The top 10 fastest-selling used cars are split between hybrid and electric vehicles, with the Tesla Inc. Model Y topping that list, iSeeCars.com said Tuesday.

On average, a used car will take around 52 days to sell, the industry research company said. The hottest cars, however, will average about 32 days and sell up to two times faster than the average used vehicle, iSeeCars said.

The Tesla

Model Y, the electric-vehicle maker’s compact SUV, sells on average in 25 days and for about $70,000. Toyota Motor Co.’s

Prius Prime and Ford Motor Co.’s

Mustang Mach-E round up the top three fastest-selling used cars, with the regular Prius No. 4.

Two other Teslas, the mass-market sedan Model 3 and the full-size SUV Model X, are No. 5 and No. 6 on iSeeCar.com’s list.

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The research company also made a list with fastest-selling new cars, where compact SUVs comprise most of the list and the No. 1 fastest-selling new-car is the Subaru Crosstrek, which on average sells in 13 days compared with an average 21 days on dealer lots.

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