Technological Blessings Re-Define International Conference Calls

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Modern science and technology has been a blessing in disguise. Things that required plenty of efforts for completion are now just a piece of cake. One such technical advancement that has taken place in the realms of communication is international conference call. Over the last few decades international conference calling has undergone lot of advancements. Unlike yester years, when you had to depend on an operator for making international conference calls, nowadays, callers from all over the globe initiate a call just by dialing a phone number and an access code which connects them to the other conferees, immediately.

Even the experience of making an international conference call over the telephone has undergone a lot of changes. Technical advancements have made it possible for callers across the globe to initiate conference calls and receive uninterrupted video and audio output. High quality audio and connections can be relied upon. The invention of optical fibers and high speed voice transmission even provides zero delay and crisp voice quality.

The entire procedure of making an international conference has also become much affordable than before. So much so that people can now go on making international calls without worrying too much about the budget. A similar feature earlier would have cost the caller a few hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

The process of making international conference calls has also become very easy. The caller does not have to wait for the live operator to connect his or her call. Instead they are given a phone number that is toll free. They just have to dial the toll-free number during the scheduled time and then key in an access code given to them to join the conference. While joining the teleconference each participant has to key in the access code, when prompted. This access code is called the ‘conference room code’ through which they are immediately joined in the network. Once joined they can immediately start communicating with the other conferees. For example people staying in England, who wants to make call to America, they have key in the international toll-free access number or a local access number. However people using the local access number are connected right away to the centralized conference bridge via a global IP network.

The technical advancements have found out many other ways of making calls, and telephone is of course not the only option. Technologies like VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is one such thing that makes us reach out to people settled in the distant parts of the globe without accessing the telephone.

Another technical advancement is management of international conference calls. Regular callers can schedule recurring calls, sort out participants and designate each of their phone numbers through interfaces hosted online. Even features like call reservations and call on demand are available depending upon the plan one chooses to use.

Another feature of international conference call is definitely the recording method. This is extremely important in business meetings and in legal interrogation processes, where the entire conference can be recorded, compressed in to supportive formats and can be used in future references.

There was a time when international conference calls used to cost over ten dollars a minute. But thanks to modern technologies, one can now communicate with his/her colleague, partner, client or loved one, without digging a hole in the pocket.

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