Summer Relief!  This portable hand fan from Xiaomi gives cool air, price only 750

Summer Relief! This portable hand fan from Xiaomi gives cool air, price only 750

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Summer is in full swing in the country, so how will it be if you get a portable fan. You will definitely get a lot of relief from the heat. This is because you can take the portable hand fan with you wherever you go. Chinese technology company Xiaomi launched a similar portable hand fan last year. Xiaomi company is famous all over the world for making its smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, power banks, washing machines or note books. Let us tell you about the features of this hand fan of Xiaomi, which the company launched in China last year.

Shape: This portable hand fan from Xiaomi is small in size as well as very light in weight. The weight of this hand fan is only 155 grams, which you can easily carry in your bag. A vertical stand has also been given in it to make the fan stand properly on the ground. Like the cooler installed in this hand fan, the user can also use it by filling it with water. The company has introduced this hand fan in 3 color options, which include Pink, Green and Black color.

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speed control gear
This hand fan of the company comes with 3 speed gear, using which the user can increase or decrease the wind speed. This fan rotates at 3,200 rpm in first gear, 4,100 rpm in second gear and 5,100 rpm in third gear.

How are its features:
Water filling option has also been given in this hand fan, using which the temperature can be reduced by 3 degrees. Xiaomi has given a 2000mAh battery in this fan. Its battery can give a battery life of 12 hours on first gear, 9 hours on second gear and 3.4 hours on third gear.

The company has used a powerful brushless motor in this hand fan, which saves electricity and also reduces noise. According to Xiaomi, the motor of this fan is 50 percent more powerful than the motor found in this category and this motor does not heat up even after running for a long time.

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how much is the price?
Xiaomi has named this portable hand fan as DOCO Ultrasonic Dry Misting Fan, which costs just Rs 740 in Indian rupees.


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