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The MLM Insider – The CIA Has Nothing on These Secrets!

I am often asked about the real truth behind what it takes to be successful in the industry. “Tell me Rivers…What is the Secret?” Give me a scoop as the Mlm Insider. The funny thing is the Secret has been out for YEARS! The problem is the Secret doesn’t work in today’s world and that is the real MLM Insider.

The statistics of failure in this industry of network marketing are literally staggering.

95% of the people who join FAIL!

WOW! That is a serious failure rate… massive to say the least.

But why is that?

Are not the products for the most part great products?

Is not the management of most companies great management?

Are not the compensation plans set up to allow massive incomes to be created?

The Answer is yes to all of the above… they are!

So why then do I say that network marketing works only sometimes?

The fault must then lie with the people who get involved in network marketing companies… that seems to be the only answer to the failure rate….

Well wrong again!

And now we are really getting to the goods… we are onto something here…the real MLM Insider truth.

You see there are many people in this industry who work at their opportunity and work at it hard….

It is not their fault… they do exactly as they are shown… they do all the activities they are told to do. Which is what is suppose to be the secret to success…follow the system. Right?

And there lies the problem…. in that sentence lies the issue…

The systems are to blame…. the systems they are told to do are flawed….

Network Marketing Works! But not by following the old outdated traditional marketing methods…

You know the ones… the make a list… the speak to everyone with in 3 feet of you… the have a home meeting… the have a hotel meeting…. the call cold leads… etc!

Here is the MLM Insider deal gang…. “People Fail… Systems Do Not”!

All of those activities I have just listed are based around the PERSON needing to be successful….

They talk about duplication… those activities are NOT duplicateable…

The fact of the matter is… some people are good at selling, others are marketing, others at training and teaching, etc…. but only a very few select people out there will ever posses ALL of the skills required to become successful in this industry… to make network marketing work for them….

The only way to be successful in this industry is to create a system that will take the human error component out of the equation… create a system that evens the playing field… that allows the newbie and the veteran alike to go on and see big success.

So how do you create a system like this? Well in this day in age the obvious answer is to turn to the Internet! But not many network marketers really know how to build their business on the internet.

Network Marketing works by learning how to harness the power of the Internet to create a massive network marketing business….. network marketing works and works in a big way when this is done.

Take the time to learn the techniques that will have prospects emailing you daily…. that will have prospects calling you daily…. wanting to learn more about your business.

Learn how to have 5-10 plus prospects contacting you in one form or another daily and simply by the sheer numbers you will go on and create a massive network marketing business. There are a few good systems out there that know how to market on the internet. The MLM Outlaws, the Network Marketing Renegade, Mike Dillard and Jonathon Budd.

Search for them and do your best to learn from will be worth the time. After all this is the century of the internet!

After you learn how to do this… teach your team members how to do the same and you my friend will be one of the people in the minority who join me on the beaches of the world and proclaim Network Marketing Works…. Sometimes!

Here’s to Your Success!

Rivers Corbett

Co-founder MLM Outlaws

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