Special feature is coming in WhatsApp!  The way you send voice messages will change

Special feature is coming in WhatsApp! The way you send voice messages will change

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Some features of Facebook’s platform WhatsApp, (WhatsApp) Messenger and Instagram are almost identical. According to the information, the company is now going to include a special feature of Instagram in WhatsApp. According to a report by WAbetainfo, WhatsApp is testing waveforms in its voice messaging feature. WAbetainfo tracks and tests new and upcoming features on WhatsApp. The Waveform feature is already present on Instagram, in which real-time waveforms are detected while recording voice.

Here the user also gets the option to pause and check the voice recording before sending, which is not present on WhatsApp. This new feature coming in WhatsApp can be included soon for users.

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WABetaInfo noted that this feature of WhatsApp will be available for testing for users of the beta version. WhatsApp has recently launched a new feature with the help of which users can listen to any voice message at a faster speed.

According to WhatsApp, users can use this feature to listen to any voice message with 1x, 1.5x and 2x speeds. These features have also been launched in India. After the new update of WhatsApp, it is present in some smartphones.

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Multi-device support also arrived…
Apart from this, another new multi-device support feature is going to be included on WhatsApp. Using this feature, users can run only one WhatsApp account on 4 devices simultaneously. After the arrival of this feature of WhatsApp, after logging in on any one device, a login message will come on all the devices.


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