Smartwatch suddenly exploded on the wrist of a 4-year-old girl, badly scorched skin

Smartwatch suddenly exploded on the wrist of a 4-year-old girl, badly scorched skin

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You would think that battery technology has evolved enough to consider their explosions a thing of the past, then you are wrong. Unfortunately, this is not the case for all types of devices, as so far we have only heard reports of battery bursts in smartphones, but now similar reports have surfaced about smartwatches as well. A recent incident in which the battery of a smartwatch exploded, has restored a new panic. The incident happened in China, when a four-year-old girl got third degree burns after her smartwatch exploded on her wrist.

The girl was taken to the hospital, where she had to undergo a skin graft after the incident. The victim has been identified as Yiyi Huang of Quanzhou city in the Chinese province of Fujian. According to Yahoo News Australia, the incident happened earlier this month when Yi was playing with his younger cousin.

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Just then her grandmother heard a loud bang followed by Yi’s scream. When she arrived to investigate, she noticed smoke billowing from Yi’s wrist and soon realized that Yi’s smartwatch had exploded on her wrist. The explosion caused third degree burns on the skin on the back of his hand. Yi had to undergo a skin graft procedure.

negotiating compensation
Not all details of the incident have been made public yet, including the name of the smartwatch’s maker. It is being told that Huang is in talks with the producer regarding compensation for the incident. The incident is a shocking one, reminding us just how dangerous a battery can be in any of the worst senarios.

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We have seen such incidents with many other devices in the past. However, smartwatches haven’t really been a part of this list until now. As in this case based on several incidents before, it is possible that the smartwatch battery explodes upon a significant physical impact, an external force could damage the battery to the point of detonation. Of course, one could argue how a four-year-old was able to generate so much electricity and why the smartwatch was not able to withstand it.


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