Should Data Science Be Taken As Career?

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Being regarded as the hottest job by Harvard Business Review does not assure an individual that it is a promising career. This question needs to be answered in a proper way. Analysis of this topic will be done in this article so that it enables the reader/interested person in deciding whether to take it up as a career or not.

The Learning:

A number of courses are available offline and online that allow an individual to learn the basics of data science and get a certification. These organizations can be established ones like Google, Harvard and Adobe or can be other private organizations that have earned a name by getting their students placed.

The courses can be specialized ones or general to give an idea of data science and getting the students ready to explore the world of data science. This course is considered to be an ever expanding one and needs a student to give ample amount of time to reflect on and be creative to bring out new things in the data science field. This is something that would never get out of fashion as the creativity skill can never be a forte of a machine.

The Earning:

For the youth, this question holds importance. The learning part becomes the foundation for the package that would be provided to a learner. It can be done by a fresher or existing job holders. The fresher can further get experience in the field. The job candidate can get promotions on the basis of the certification as this is in demand. This field is considered to be the most rewarding in the current scenario as well as in the days to come. People with good command over machine learning and statistical tools with mathematical touch can pursue their career. Yes, it demands a lot, but the hikes are also lucrative as the skill is not available in the market. As the competition increases in the global market and more and more companies fight for the demand absorption to maximize profits, the analysts are the professionals that are looked upon by these business houses. They promise high packages in lieu of the success of the projects. Many websites have rated it as the most rewarding job of the year.


Giving a clear number in terms of the package is not made in the article. This is because the compensation provided by different organizations varies according to the type of work. But as the world ascends even more towards the information age, data, science becomes an indispensable job that would only gain importance. The accuracy of a professional and good command over the tools would ensure the growth in this sector.

To conclude, no doubt, this is going to be a career that one can follow. Being a part of the smart age, this is a job made for a person who is smart with number crunching and analysis skills. If you are someone who enjoys doing it, then go for it.

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