Redmi Note 10 series flooded with complaints regarding poor touchscreen and slow speed!

Redmi Note 10 series flooded with complaints regarding poor touchscreen and slow speed!

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Redmi has unarguably captured the Indian market with their impressive wallet-friendly portfolio that became hugely sought after smartphones. The Chinese tech giant is known to hear out user response deeply and fix them as per their need and it has helped them a lot in gaining a loyal fan base across the nation. Recently the brand launched their Note 10 series and the range included three smartphones – Redmi Note 10 Pro Max, Redmi Note 10 Pro, and Redmi Note 10. The range is priced starting at Rs 11,999 in the Indian market and witnessed humongous sale as soon as it opened in the market.

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However, the Note 10 series of Redmi may not have impressed users much as they are continuously receiving multiple complaints regarding some core issues. The customers of Note 10 series are complaining of touchscreen issues, screen flickering and slowing of handsets even in the standard usage. As per the reports, these issues have occured in all the three newly launched smartphones and the response is something Redmi has not received in the near past.

The buyers are repeatedly tagging Redmi on Twitter and reporting the issues they are facing. A Twitter user named Tarun Sharma stated that one of his friend had bought the Redmi Note 10 smartphone March 18th but the device started facing touch and other display issues within two days. He asked service center about it and they executive said that the issues are occurring due to software and asked them to wait for 1-2 months for the new software update to arrive. Tarun went on to add that he couldn’t even type properly and got the phone replaced on April 1. In a separate tweet, Tarun tweeted that even the new unit started showing similar display problems within one week.

Though Redmi has been responding to their queries on Twitter, the company is yet to issue any official statement on the same. Majority of the complaints are about the slow response of touchscreen and some of them even complained of their handsets become unresponsive sporadically. Surprisingly, it’s happening in all three smartphones – Redmi Note 10, Redmi Note 10 Pro, and Redmi Note 10 Pro Max and the company should fix this problem at the earliest.

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