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In recent years, the recruiting services have developed in Mauritius. At first they worked with consultants, who acted as intermediaries between employers and candidates. The employers have left their contact details and all data regarding the vacancy. The consultant’s role was then to see the profiles of the candidates corresponding to the vacancies and the recruiting procedures. Then the consultant arranges an interview, categorize and list the applicants accordingly. As an agreement to this service, the employer pays the agency one twelfth of the candidate yearly salary. Today, all recruitment agencies in Mauritius have an online service. Both employers and candidates register there. Employers will post job vacancies by giving maximum information: job profile, qualifications, salaries, experiences expected, job description, contract duration, application deadline, etc. They may also verify the CVs and qualifications of candidates and make their choices. The addresses to be used for recruitment services are “DCDM Recruitment” for the online service assisted by a consultant as described above, or “MAUJOB” or “” which operates only online. They have the advantage of being efficient and professional.

The announcements by the media

In Mauritius, the newspapers are a highly used to communicate information. Most employers use the press to announce the vacancies. The most read newspapers by Mauritian are “Le Mauricien” belonging to “The Mauritian Ltd”., Released in late afternoon, and “express” belonging to “La Sentinelle Ltd.”, released in the morning. “The Express” can also be accessed online at the website of the company. During the weekend, the two companies each emit a weekly newspaper with more space for announcements of any kind. The response rate is very satisfactory because the Mauritian population is very attached to her national press. Most of the Job seekers consult the press to find a job. There are some radio stations that often run advertisements for employment. In fact, there are no special offers or job applications hours scheduled on the radio. Private radio stations such as Radio One and Radio Plus often announce any job offer in the midst of any emission. Private radio stations have high ratings and with this method, the results are very successful and fast. In fact, there is no cost for all “quickly made” offers, but if an employer wants to make an announcement more personalized, it takes between 250 and 300 euros.

Some methods of upcoming job offer

Announcements of job can be done through advertising agencies. In audio or on posters, ads will be custom designed to have more impact. The small-format posters are intended for the press or magazines, while the larger ones can be for the billboard poster. The multinational “Accenture” is often called to encourage applications. However, this requires a huge budget because it takes about 2000 euros. The posters in A4 or A5 are regularly published in the press. Designed by advertising agencies, they have the advantage of the position value and attract the attention of the reader. Their effectiveness is proven through the actual response rate achieved by employers. Ads may also be webcast on the most visited websites, for example, the homepage of Orange Mauritius, Facebook, etc. Rates vary depending on site and some may even be free, like Facebook. There is a mailing service very fashionable offered by RKcom, but highly NOT recommended as their service is considered as SPAM and their mail outs usually targeted inappropriate recipients. Their announcement may, therefore, be ignored and may not have the desired effect, yet their mailing service is not free.

Other very effective methods

To find a qualified staff, it is possible to go through the administration of tertiary institutions or training centers. The most famous being Charles Telfair Institute, University of Mauritius, the Centre for Graduate Studies, or Mauritius IVTB Employees Federation. These are centers that train young BAC 2 BAC 5.

The Ministry of Labor, through the “Labor Office” was also designed to help people looking for work, to find a suitable position and satisfy their demand. The unemployed are registered in the system database of “Labor Office” Employers often communicate their vacant jobs through the database facility offered by “Labor Office”. At the request of the employer, “Labor Office” can send the list of candidates seeking employment, by level of education.

Word of mouth is a fairly common in Mauritius. The island is not so big and everyone knows each other. Communications are easily and quickly concluded.

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