Reality's new vacuum cleaning robot is very smart, will clean the whole house

Reality’s new vacuum cleaning robot is very smart, will clean the whole house

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Realme Robot Vacuum is the company’s first robotic vacuum cleaner, which the company has included in its product list. Realme’s new vacuum cleaning robot offers customers the convenience of both vacuuming and mopping. The LiDAR sensor has been given in Reality’s robot vacuum cleaner, with the help of which it can select the dirty place and clean that place. Along with this, a total of 38 sensors have been given in this robotic cleaner. This vacuum cleaner from Realme comes with 1+5+T strategy for smartphones, AIOT products and TVs.

The global launch of the Realme Robot Vacuum has been for the European markets, but Realme in a media report last week confirmed that the robotic vacuum cleaner will be arriving in India sooner than Diwali.

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However, nothing was said from the company about its launch date. According to the information, Realme will not debut with the vacuum cleaning robot GT series, which is believed to be a separate event for its AIOT products. Apart from the realme robot vacuum, there are some other products, such as realme watch 2 and realme watch 2 pro, which can be launched in India.

What are its features?
The realme robot vacuum comes with 2-in-1 vacuum and mopping function, which users can use using the realme link app. The LiDAR sensor is the most important of all the sensors as it detects the dirty place in the room and generates a map before cleaning it. The Reality Robot Vacuum features Intelligent Surface Adaptation, with the help of which anything that comes across during cleaning is detected and it replaces itself.

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A 600 ml dusting box has been given inside the robotic cleaner, which has the ability to clean itself. Customers can also buy a separate electronic water tank for wet mopping. There is also an auto-recharge feature on the Realme Robot Vacuum, which will automatically bring the robot to the charging station and charge its 5200mAh battery before it is ready for another round of cleaning. The Reality Robot Vacuum supports both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for voice control.

how much is the price
The price of Reality Robot Vacuum Cleaner is around Rs 27,000 in Indian Rupees. Once launched in India, it will compete with the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop-P, which costs Rs 24,999.


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