Ray Rao’s Bloodbath: A New Indian Suspense Novel

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Ray Rao’s Bloodbath

Ray Rao has emerged as a prominent and captivating Indian author with his stunningly brilliant debut novel, Bloodbath. Equally surprising to the twists and turns of this unique Indian suspense story is the unusual path Mr. Rao has followed, leading to a promising career in writing. His studies began at the Armed Forces Medical College in India, where he excelled as a physician, receiving a dozen medals and honorable distinctions that set him apart as the top of the class. With a set of distinguished skills, he has enjoyed professional success in India, England, and Japan before ultimately landing his current job as a Professor of Medicine in the United States, all overshadowed by the pride he has for his two lovely daughters who serve as his inspiration.

Bloodbath, the first in a coming series of Indian suspense novels, thrills from start to finish. Ray Rao’s keen medical mind, combined with his passion for martial arts and worldly travels, creates well-rounded and likable heroes in twin siblings, Alexis and Jason Wolff. Staged against a venomous villain named Kalidas, who is determined to tear apart a nation teetering on the brink of disaster, the sister-brother protagonists must use their training as a ninja and elite ex-commando to save India and ultimately the world from nuclear disaster. Despite his experiences abroad, Rao utilizes his heritage in providing a glimpse into the dichotomy of a nation bonded together by history and tradition but fraught with religious contradictions. The authentic nature of an Indian author penning a novel set in India draws readers into the dynamic tale with ease. Yet, he has the ability to make the story feel relatable to readers from around the world. Although classified as an Indian suspense novel, familiar themes such as power struggle, good vs. evil, and the importance of family bonds are seamlessly incorporated, which helps the characters resonate with people from all walks of life. Almost impossible to put down, the book develops a deeply complex society that somehow feels incredibly recognizable. Ray Rao has set a high bar for himself with an interesting, fun and thought-provoking piece of work in Bloodbath.

India has a rich history of literature dating back well over 3000 years. While Indian English written works have a relatively shorter past, the industry is packed full of award-winning literary masterminds that have stormed the global scene with force. The talented pioneers at the forefront of this movement include the likes of Chetan Bhagat, an author, screenwriter and TV personality known for his work in the comedy-drama business, Khushwant Singh, the mind behind no less than six outstanding novels, and more recently, Rupi Kaur, a brilliant young poet enjoying incredible popularity amongst younger generations. At risk of writing in hyperbole, especially after only one novel, Ray Rao belongs in discussion with any of the top Indian author’s in the world. Further, if he is able to repeat his efforts shown in Bloodbath, Mr. Rao will find himself shooting up the ranks of top author’s in the world, period.

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