PUBG: New State gameplay video shows off troi map, modern vehicles and new weapons

PUBG: New State gameplay video shows off troi map, modern vehicles and new weapons

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The closed alpha version of PUBG: New State has reportedly gone live in some regions. Although it was made live only for the weekend. The game developed by Crafton was announced earlier this year in February and made the game available for pre-registration on Google Play and the App Store. It was also later announced that the developers would focus on relaunching PUBG Mobile in India and that the game would not be made available in India. Let us tell you that now Crafton is bringing back PUBG Mobile in the name of Battleground Mobile India in India.

By Matthew Scholtz of Android Police report good According to reports, the closed alpha version of PUBG: New State was launched at the end of last week. He also shared an hour of gameplay footage. Looking at it, it seems that the new game is a new skin over PUBG Mobile. It is very similar to PUBG Mobile. The theme of PUBG: New Kingdom is set in the year 2051, so it includes modern weapons. The buildings and vehicles have also been modernised. It also includes modern gadgets like drones. Drones can be used to take advantage during combat. The gameplay footage also reveals that the layout of the game is almost identical to that of PUBG Mobile with some additional options. The report states that the gameplay was recorded at 1080p 60fps and the matches are played in the Troi map.

Overall, the performance of the game is said to be strong. Scholtz tried playing with a physical controller attached to the device, but found that only the left thumbstick was working, which suggests that either the physical controller will not be supported in PUBG: New State, or the feature is still not supported. is in development. passing through.

This alpha version of PUBG: New State went live in the US on Friday and was made available for only two days. Crafton hasn’t shared the game’s release date and as we mentioned earlier, it’s not yet clear whether the game will launch in India. However, in India the developer has announced Battlegrounds Mobile India and since then the game is available for pre-registration on Google Play. Leaks believe that this game may be released in the coming few days.

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